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Proven Paths to Overcoming Anxiety

Active Therapies for Managing Stress, OCD, and Sleep Conditions That Complicate Our Lives

What We Offer

We are dedicated specialists focused on helping you overcome stress, OCD, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Our approach is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure, Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and other evidence-based practices designed to bring real change and healing into your life in a timely fashion.


We meet collaboratively to assess and design a highly individualized treatment plan addressing your situation and goals. 

Supervision & Consultation

We have extensive experience in supervision and consultation in CBT, DBT, ERP, social anxiety, and OCD. Let's talk if you are pre-licensed or a licensed clinician seeking professional guidance for yourself or a small group.



We are also experienced in conducting large trainings and workshops for groups of clinicians and trainees. We’ve taught at private practices, mental health centers, and national conferences. Let’s talk.


Who We Help

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Our services are tailored for adults experiencing anxiety, stress, OCD, and sleep issues that significantly impact their professional and personal lives. We're non-judgemental and here to support you, offer solutions and hope, and work together towards a less anxious and more fulfilling future.

Let’s Navigate Your Path to Healing Together

path to a brighter future

Your journey to empowerment and wellness starts here.

Our Approach

Our therapy practice is built on a foundation of:​
  • Thorough Symptom Assessments and Progress Tracking: Your path to wellness is paved with personalized assessments and continuous support.

  • Solution-Focused, Evidence-Based Treatments: We employ short-term, collaborative, and active treatment strategies focusing on relieving symptoms and fostering long-term wellness.

  • Empowerment Through Tools and Strategies: Learn to effectively manage anxiety and sleep problems and cope with difficult emotions through practical, evidence-based tools and strategies.


Transformative Benefits

Enhanced Work Productivity

Break free from the chains of anxiety that hold you back in your career.

Deeper Interpersonal Engagements

Forge stronger, more meaningful connections with those around you.

Revitalized Passions and Interests

Rediscover and devote more time to the hobbies and pursuits that bring you joy.

Empowerment and Confidence

Embark on a journey toward improved physical and mental health, with confidence and empowerment.

Our Unique Edge

A Focus on Active, Change-Oriented Treatments:

Our practice is dedicated to short-term, impactful therapy that brings about real change.

Expertise in Skills-Based, Symptom-Focused Therapy:

Our therapies are specialized, tailored to each client, and backed by the distinguished certification of the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies.

Empathy at Our Core

We understand the barriers to seeking help—treatment stigma, misconceptions, past negative therapy experiences, and the fear of change. We approach these challenges with deep empathy and a commitment to guiding you toward healing and growth


Our Story

Our team's journey over the past nine years as colleagues revealed a shared vision for anxiety therapy. With similar clinical styles and a deep belief in the human capacity to overcome, we've become leaders in the field, driven by a passion that began with  psychology classes in high school.

We are led by Lauren Neaman and Kerry Curran, uniquely qualified professionals with years of specialized experience treating anxiety disorders and sleep problems. Our certifications, memberships, and prominent positions in the field, including with the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, represent our expertise and dedication.

Lauren Neaman

Lauren Neaman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Kerry Curran

Kerry Curran

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Dedicated to advancing the field of cognitive and behavioral therapies through providing high-quality certification and training programs. Kerry and Lauren

A nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of, and improving the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of anxiety disorders in children and adults.


Dedicated to providing and fostering effective evidence-based services for those struggling with social anxiety. Lauren

Mission: To bring information about OCD to the Midwestern states to provide information about OCD, OCD research, and fundraising for the OCD community.


telemedicine in Illinois and Florida

Begin Your Transformation Today

The motivation to seek help often comes when symptoms significantly impair one's life. If you're at this point, know that there is hope and that change is possible. We invite you to book a free 15-minute consultation with us.

Let’s Navigate Your Path to Healing Together

Your journey to empowerment and wellness starts here.

Licensed in Illinois for in-person and teleheath sessions.

Licensed in Florida for teleheath sessions.

Unlock Your Path to Freedom

Your journey toward overcoming anxiety and struggles begins here. With our advanced therapies and treatments, you'll be free to live on your terms, less burdened and with joy. 

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